Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatherapy Massage Treatments are suitable for the majority of people.


Before coming for a treatment it is advisable to have a light meal only, and to avoid alcohol. At your first appointment a full free consultation will take place prior to the aromatherapy massage treatment.

The aim of this is to assess your general health & wellbeing, look at your lifestyle and medical history. All information is treated in absolute confidence. Essential Oils are then chosen and blended for your aromatherapy massage, in line with the information given and bearing in mind any likes/dislikes you may have.

You will be required to remove your outer clothes for the aromatherapy massage, with your modesty being respected throughout. Warm towels and blankets will be used to promote your comfort and wellbeing throughout.

A treatment programme will be discussed and recommended for you at the first appointment, with be-spoke products blended as indicated for continued use at home.

Examples of Aromatherapy Treatments

Some of the aromatherapy treatments I offer


Back Massage

This treatment can be helpful to those spending long periods driving or sitting at a desk. Also for those experiencing tension and general aches in their back/neck areas. Also great for a rejuvenating pamper too!


Feet and Legs
Aromatherapy Massage

This treatment may be helpful to those who get general aches and pains in their legs, fluid re tension or cool and cold extremities.


Facial Massage

A relaxing and cleansing massage to rejuvenate and tone the skin. This treatment can be beneficial to all, especially those with skin problems such as acne, eczema and sensitive skin. A cleanser and toner are initially used. A facial massage blend is then made and an aromatherapy facial massage is given.
A mask is then made and used for a deeper cleanse. This will be applied and left for approx 5mins.
A moisturizer is applied to finished. The cleansers, toner and moisture’s used are generally suitable for all skin types.

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